April 14, 2009

A Change May be in Store

Posted in Genealogy at 11:44 am by hoosierroots

I still have dreams of doing my kitchen in the future, perhaps even this summer.  But pending that flurry of activity I am getting the itch to return to my blogging, but this time with the focus on genealogy, a long time passion of mine. I am giving some thought to how I would direct my focus, as there are a LOT of genealogy blogs out there already. I would most likely focus on a combination of my own research and discoveries, with perhaps an occasional post about how to share our family history with those around us who are not as obsessed.  I would hope that might trigger input from others who have found their way to my door step. If anybody reads this post I would love to hear your input.



  1. Alene said,

    Well Debbie – Two years down the road and I finally read your genealogy posts…You have put into words not only describing yourself, but me too…LOL What happened to your Hoosierroots website? I can’t get it anymore…HELP…I am the person who has Daniel McDowell who married Comfort Marvel…How can I get hold of you personally? If you would do that. Contact me: grandma_mac2000@yahoo.com..Thanks… Alene in Idaho

    • hoosierroots said,

      HoosierRoots is back up after several months of technical challenges. Thanks for checking in.

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