May 5, 2009

Genealogy Objective 5 – Giving Back

Posted in Genealogy, Share at 11:54 am by hoosierroots

I am continuing turning my list of seven genealogy objectives into actionable goals.

Objective 5:  Give back to the genealogy community through meaningful volunteer activities and collaborative efforts.

As genealogists we all benefit from the research and knowledge of others that have gone before us. We build on their research. We learn from their articles. We save hundreds to thousands of hours form indexing and transcriptions they have done. I feel it is crucial to give back as well. Unfortunately I also have to be realistic about the time I have to devote.

For a little over a year I served as a County Coordinator for for USGenWeb. I reluctantly resigned after I realized I could not spend the time on providing new material that the site really needed. A good volunteer fit for me is to index batches for; while I plan on doing more indexing in the future, I am resisting setting it as a goal for now as I see that my list of goals is getting too long to be realistic.

Goal 5a: Restore HoosierRoots to active status. For several years I have maintained a family history website HoosierRoots. It is a site which summarizes my research with sources listed. I have also posted some of the photos I have scanned. The site helps me connect with cousins, and also helps other researchers who are looking for connections. Unfortunately just this last week my site died. I am still assessing the situation, but I believe I can restore it with a two prong approach. 1) By May 31, 2009 restore (excuse my techno-babble here) the IIS metadata for HoosierRoots. 2) By September 30, 2009 build a new, more robust server to house HoosierRoots.

Goal 5b: Launch the Snippet Society by May 31, 2009.  My passion to preserve family history has led to a renewed desire to create digital scrapbook pages. Deciding that I would create a page a week, has quickly blossomed into me leading a group of almost 20 interested scrapbookers into the digital world, and joining the weekly journey. While for some it may seem to be a goal unrelated to genealogy, I have included it here as I believe the capturing of today’s memories are an important part of family history, helping others get started is certainly a contribution to the greater community of family history, and I must acknowledge the impact this task has my time. The initial launch included getting the members identified, the framework created, mentoring members in selecting software, and setting up the web site where we will communicate.


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