May 7, 2009

Genealogy Objective 7 – Capture Today’s Memories

Posted in Genealogy, Share at 6:09 am by hoosierroots

I am at the end of turning my list of seven genealogy objectives into actionable goals. Last, but not least…

Objective 7: Capture the family memories of today for they are the family history of tomorrow.

While our lives seem very ordinary to us, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will find mundane topics such as antique cell phones and how we did the laundry fascinating. After all, aren’t we thrilled when we find even a single letter from our ancestors taking about playing bridge at night or gathering and listening to the fiddle playing.

Goal 7a: Create a scrapbook page each week.  A page a week is not much. As I have been discussing in another series of posts I am returning to digital scrapbooking, with the goal of scrapping little pieces, or snippets, of our lives.

Goal 7b: Complete Introduction to Layout Design Class.Perhaps I should have listed this under education. In support of the goal above I have committed to a six week, on-line, layout design class. It will end in June.

Goal 7c: Assess KUWJ Status, making plans to revive. For 20 years my mother gathered, assembled, and distributed a family newsletter Keeping Up With the Joneses to her siblings and their descendants. I took it over a few years ago, but have not put out an issue in over a year. I want to get this restarted. Create a plan to restart by May 31, 2009.

OK – There we are, seven objectives with goals. As May is already marching quickly by I must hurry and organize these and get started.


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