September 8, 2013

Genealogy Goal 1 – Capture Today’s Memories

Posted in Goals at 7:38 pm by hoosierroots

Now that I have listed my 7 Genealogy Goals, I want to create a specific objective under each. A key to success is to keep these objectives specific, realistic, and obtainable within a reasonable timeframe. An easy way for me to thwart the “realistic” criteria is to create too many objectives; I plan on restricting myself to one objective per goal to start.

Borrowing in part from my listing of goals in 2009, on to Goal 1:

Goal 1: Capture the family memories of today for they are the family history of tomorrow.

While our lives seem very ordinary to us, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will find mundane topics such as antique cell phones and how we did the laundry fascinating. After all, aren’t we thrilled when we find even a single letter from our ancestors taking about playing bridge at night or gathering and listening to the fiddle playing.

As I wrote before, Dr. Thomas Jones suggests that this is the most important objective of all in his lecture ““Creating Family Histories for Future Generations.” To keep the number of objectives contained, I will not (for now) include projects such as scrapbooking and restarting the KUWJ (Keeping Up With the Joneses) newsletter.

That said, I cannot contain myself to only one supporting objective here.

Objective 1a: Help my father complete the book he is writing on his life.

The text is all but written We are half through the editing process. I must put this as the top priority. It is a phenomenal treasure, and it is time to finish. I will set a timeline to complete a chapter a week.

Objective 1b: Write a weekly entry for “the Story of Me.”

As I posted recently, I am participating in a project during which I will respond to a prompt once a week to write about myself and my life. The prompts will come weekly for 15 months, or until the end of 2014. I intend to write most of these entries on Saturday evenings.


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