March 31, 2015

Goals Revisited

Posted in Learn at 12:19 pm by hoosierroots

In 2009 I wrote seven genealogy goals. They were intended to be high level and withstand the test of time. In 2013 I reviewed and confirmed these goals were still valid. As I attempt to reboot my research, once again I am reviewing these goals. And once again they stand solid. Perhaps the projects underneath the goals may change. In the coming week I will consider each goal. I know to be successful I must first start with small objectives.

  1. Capture the family memories of today for they are the family history of tomorrow.
  2. Collect and preserve the family heirlooms for the generations to come.
  3. Identify and document the lives of my children’s ancestors.
  4. Breathe life into these ancestors by accumulating details, expanding the research into their families and neighbors, and putting them into their historical and social context.
  5. Creatively share the information and stories of the family of yesteryear with the extended family of today in a way that sparks the interest of those less passionate about family history.
  6. Continually expand knowledge of genealogy methods and records through both formal and informal education.
  7. Give back to the genealogy community through meaningful volunteer activities and collaborative efforts.

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