April 3, 2015

Goal 3–Document the Ancestors

Posted in Goals at 8:22 am by hoosierroots

Goal 3: Identify and document the lives of my children’s ancestors.

This is in essence what genealogy is. And of course, it is the objective we can never complete, because every time we find a new answer – add a new name to the tree – two more questions are created. But despite the knowledge we can never “win the whole game”, we keep at it.

This is also the goal that perhaps I traditionally have the most trouble turning into specific objectives. With so many ancestors I tend to flit from line to line. And while I certainly have made a lot of progress over the years, I think I could be much more productive if I kept focused.

With the bicentennial of Indiana looming around the corner, I would like to register my Indiana pioneers with the Society of Indiana Pioneers. I think I have about 30 – 32 ancestors who qualify. An ancestor is a “Pioneer” if it can be proved they lived in Indiana by 1840.

While working on this will not “plow new ground” – for I know who these ancestors are – it will prompt me to fully document these lines. In many cases I have relied on family story and have not sought out the “proof” that is required.

It is also a good fit, as before I loose myself in the thrill of the chase for a new ancestor, I must really concentrate on finishing my father’s book.

Even this objective could become unmanageable, so I must start small.

Objective 3a: Apply for the Society of Indiana Pioneers I will need to select an ancestor, and starting with me, obtain the documents that prove birth, marriage, death, and parentage, stretching back to the ancestor I chose.


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