April 3, 2015

Goal 4 – Tell the Stories

Posted in Goals at 11:48 am by hoosierroots

Goal 4: Breathe life into these ancestors by accumulating details, expanding the research into their families and neighbors, and putting them into their historical and social context.

As is true for most genealogists, I do not feel my job is done when I merely have the names and birth-death-marriage dates for my ancestors. While technically this is all that is needed to build the family tree, it does not tell us who are ancestors were. My need to know then runs much deeper. I want to be able to tell their stories.

I want to look deeper into their lives. What land did they buy. Where did they move. Why did they move? This is an important goal, not to be forgotten – but for the moment I will leave it without an assignment. I have to acknowledge that time is limited. If I am to make progress on any of the goals, I must admit I cannot do everything at once.


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