April 3, 2015

Goal 5 – Share our Family History

Posted in Goals at 1:57 pm by hoosierroots

Goal 5: Creatively share the information and stories of the family of yesteryear with the extended family of today in a way that sparks the interest of those less passionate about family history.

I am well aware that while I am passionate about my family history, most of my family do not share my intense enthusiasm. (Or maybe I should say none of my family…) However, I am pleased that several of my cousins have commented that they would never do all the research, but they are truly glad I do. And I believe they are sincere.

And then there is the next generation which has grown up on video games and sound bytes, the generation already bored by emails of two paragraphs, choosing to communicate in 160 character s or less.

So if all the  family history I unearth is to have a life beyond me, I must package it in a way that will capture the interest and imagination of my less interested family. I have completed a few projects over the past years which I will share in future posts. Right now I need to plan the next project.

Objective 5: Select project to distribute at the Marvel Cousin gathering in September. My Marvel cousins, the descendant of my paternal grandparents,  gather every few years. I would like to have a creative project ready to distribute at the gathering. I need to begin be choosing a project to share – it might be a slideshow, an album, coasters, or …


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