April 4, 2015

2015 Goals for Now–A Recap

Posted in Goals at 2:42 pm by hoosierroots

Below is a summary of the objectives I have set for now. It is useful to see them all in one place.My next step will be to take each and create more specific tasks.

  1. Capture the family memories of today for they are the family history of tomorrow.
    • Help my father complete the book he is writing on his life.
  2. Collect and preserve the family heirlooms for the generations to come.
    • Scan “modern” photos that my mother took
  3. Identify and document the lives of my children’s ancestors.
    • Apply for the Society of Indiana Pioneers
  4. Breathe life into these ancestors by accumulating details, expanding the research into their families and neighbors, and putting them into their historical and social context.
    • None for now
  5. Creatively share the information and stories of the family of yesteryear with the extended family of today in a way that sparks the interest of those less passionate about family history.
    • Select project to distribute at the Marvel Cousin gathering in September
  6. Continually expand knowledge of genealogy methods and records through both formal and informal education.
    • Complete Disc 2 of the National Genealogy Home Study
    • Selectively read incoming and backlog of genealogy magazines and journals
    • Read well-written genealogy blogs
    • Attend National Genealogy Society Conference
    • Read Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques by George Morgan and Drew Smith (This is an addition since I wrote this blog entry)
  7. Give back to the genealogy community through meaningful volunteer activities and collaborative efforts.
    • None for now

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